Introducing IGCSE @ AL BASHEER International School

AL BASHEER International School is now introducing IGCSE - International Syllabus from the following academic year inshaa'Allah.

What, Why & How?

IGCSE is an International Syllabus offered by the Cambridge University and the EdExcel from the UK. After analysing the pros and cons of the syllabus, the management of AL BASHEER is more than comfortable to get accredited to the IGCSE Board inshaa'Allah.

In the course of our research, through reading literatures and discussions with the school managements that run on IGSCE Syllabus, we learnt that the concept based and activity based curriculum is different from most of the curricula offered by the Indian systems. No doubt, both have their strong points and the weak points. But we've made it a possibility for those children who want to give their exams through the international board inshaa'Allah.

From the past 6 years, the school has been having the NIOS Syllabus, State Syllabus upto Grade 5, and the CBSE books were being taught as well. The school has made it a possibility for the children to learn English, Kannada, Hindi, Arabic, Science, Maths, Social Studies, Islamic Studies, Qur'an Memorisation, Martial Arts, Fencing, Public Speaking and other extra-curricular disciplines. The management feels that the students and parents are of various thinking, with different objectives. Some want to become engineers and doctors. Some want to become business grads, and some want to become Haafizul Qur'an and 'Aalim. There are mixed goals that are desired. And among the students too we find children who have different aspirations in life. NIOS Syllabus is at the moment letting the children choose combinations that help them achieve their goals. There are children who are planning to join Islamic Universities after their 10th Grade. And there are students who want to become businessmen, and there are students who want to take up professional technical courses like the engineering and medicine. No doubt the children are able to choose their combinations at the 8th Grade, after analysing their interest, strengths and goals. And in the upgradation of giving reputed syllabus to those seeking professional technical courses, the school is now introducing IGCSE to let those ambitious students prepare to crack the examination papers set under the international standards. However, the school will still maintain the NIOS Syllabus as another stream for those children who have a different set of goals. For the children who want to take up commerce, arts, Islamic scholarship and other non-technical courses, we encourage them to take up NIOS, and focus more on Qur'an Hifz and other co-curricular and extra-curricular disciplines. Thus providing various options for a generation with diverse ambitions.

Educational Program must be a purposeful endeavour. Many a times we find students and parents doing things that they don't prefer doing. But in AL BASHEER we try to make it possible for the students to do that which they find it comfortable. We encourage the students to work on their strengths; rather than working much on their weakness. Every child is unique. And each child is specially created to perform the things that they are destined to do. The school management observes the children's potentials and competencies until the end of the 8th Grade, and place them in the system where they can perform well and excel in that. We aim for PhDs in English, Arabic, History, Kannada, Hindi, Science, Maths etc. And also aim for PhDs in Islamic Scholarship and Business Management. And we aim for doctors and engineers. One need not specialize in all the subjects to become a professional in a discipline. And one need not be put to unwanted burden in learning things that are not found to be in use as one moves to higher education. Hence the options are given for the children to make use of them, based on their comfort level. At the end, what really matters is, living a life that builds our nation with strong morals and economy. And the school hopes to facilitate that vision inshaa'Allah.

So, AL BASHEER now is a recognised Minority Institution, certified under ISO 9000:2008, with NIOS accreditation, State Syllabus and International IGCSE Syllabus.

Make your children do that in which they can excel and become a professional in whatever they do inshaa'Allah. Let the education that is given make the children discover their potentials and interest, so that they become best in whatever they do inshaa'Allah.